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halloween 022I love Halloween.  When the kids were young we used to really go all out, handmade costumes, decorations, the nine yards.  I still love it even though I have pared it down greatly.  In honor of all things Halloween I have dyed up some special yarn.  In my little shop tonite.

Top – Pumpkin, Candy Corn

Bottom – Eye of Newt, Jack O’Lantern, Purple People Eater

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Shop Update

I have been updating the shop and have been able to add some Bella Lace Yarn.  This sells almost as fast as I can dye it.  The base yarn for the Bella Lace is Baruffa Cashwool and it is so soft with a really nice drape.  I love everything about this yarn, I get it in huge soft hanks that I divide into smaller skeins for dyeing.  It has an amazing yardage as well.  50 grams has 800 yards, 75 grams 1200 yards and 100 grams 1600 yards. 

Here is one I added to the shop this weekend.

Enjoy!sept 11 007

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Gnorman Egg Cozy

First Pattern!! As a contributor the monthly Phat Fiber sample box I was inspired all the pretty little samples. This pattern uses just 15 yards of fingering weight yarn.


Gnorman Egg Cozy

Gnorman Egg Cozy

Fingering weight yarn – 15 yards
Double pointed needles – US size 2, 3mm

Cast on 36 stitches, divide onto 3 needles

Work k1p1 ribbing for 1 inch
Round 1 – knit
Round 2 – *k4, k2tog* repeat 5 times – 30 stitches
Rounds 3 – 5 – knit
Round 4 – *k3, k2tog* repeat 5 times – 24 stitches
Rounds 6 -9 – knit
Round 10 – *k2, k2tog* repeat 5 times – 18 stitches
Round 11 – 15 – knit
Round 16 – *k1, k2tog* repeat 5 times – 12 stitches
Rounds 17 – 22 – knit
Round 18 – k2tog 6 times – 6 stitches

Move all 6 stitches onto one needle
Make I-cord – with yarn on left slide stitches to right end of needle, knit all stitches
Repeat for 6 more rows
Next Row – k2tog 3 times – 3 stitches
Make I-cord with 3 stitches until yarn is all used up
Bind off stitches, weave in ends

© sqwish

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Baby Steps into blog land

Well here is the first blog for sqwish. This is support for my little shop on etsy. Here you will find updates, news and patterns as well as random musings of a knitting nature.

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